The Purple Gang Strikes


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This is the 50th anniversary Talking Elephant re-release of the seminal Purple Gang album “STRIKES!” The original LP is like hens’ teeth and commands hiogh prices when it crops up on e-bay. The band has a single “Granny Takes a Trip” that was banned by the BBC due the word “trip” without even listening to the unoffensive lyrics. John Pee; champioed the group[ on his radio show as did Annie Nightingale.
Ralph McTell recorded this song as the last track on his first albm.

This release is not an Epona release but founder member and singer/ songwriter Joe Beard and Epona MD Mike Billington play in a duo so hence the link.

Track listing:

1. Auntie Monica
2. Bootleg Whisky
3. Viola Lee Blues
4. The Wizard
5. Mr Aldred Jones
6. Granny Takes a Trip
7. Overseas Stomp
8. Freightliner
9. The Sheik
10. Rising Sun
11. Kiss Me Goodnight Sally Green

bonus tracks

12. Carlo’s Circus
13. Madam Judge
14. Brown Shoes
15. The King Comes Riding
16. Boon Tune (2006 version)
17. Boon Tune