Standard Settings – Pat Knowles


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Standard Settings Pat Knowles

Tom Shepley’s Band had released their one and only LP on the Macclesfield based Traditional Souunds Record label in 1978 ; the band included vocalist and keyboard player Pat Knowles who in 1980 went on to record her solo LP Standard Settings on the Cumbria based Fellside label. Epona are proud to release this LP for the first time on CD.
Musicians on this album included Pat’s fellow TSB colleagues Jamie Knowles, Nan Trench and Martin Colledge with guest musicians Ian Stewart, Gary Walsh and The Battlefield Band’s Brian McNeill.
Here Pat plays acoustic and electric pianos, pedal organ, Crumer performer, Godwin organ and Jen synthone.

1. The Glafis (1:35)
2. O’Connell’s Welcome to Parliament/Bob & Joan/Is Meath Le Nora (3:15)
3. Spring Gardens /Airs / Old Noll’s Jig (3:19)
4. Planxty Dillon / Captain O’Kane (4:10)
5. Mary (2:41)
6. Slap and Kiss / Daniel Knight’s (4:39)
7. The Northern Lass / Dusty Miller (3:13)
8. The French Revolution (2:10)
9. Mary Young And Fair / Logan Water (3:09)
10. The Rattler (2:43)
11. In Praise Of Red Hair (2:42)
12. Loch Earn / Tullymet Hail / Marry Me Now (3:06)
13. Love Me Little, Love Me Long (1:44)