Slowly To The Moon


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Slowly To The Moon (EPO 019) is Tony’s first solo album in 30 years and includes ten new, original, self-penned songs.

“Tony Nyland is probably best known for his anecdotal solo performances of quirky self-penned ditties – lovely little cameos of life.” Agraman (The Buzz)

“Tony Nyland’s lyrics are like Alan Bennett put to music…” Ian Bembridge (Three Counties Federation of Folk Clubs)

  1. Slowly To The Moon (3:57)

  2. Bertie, Mum and Me (4:04)

  3. Make Westin’ (4:34)

  4. The Folks that Live In The House (4:48)

  5. Raining Stones (4:06)

  6. In Time (3:52)

 7. Mop Rags Holiday (4:16)

  8. Where Louis Sings (4:10)

  9. Back To You And Home (4:38)

10. A Special Kind Of Day (4:17)