Of Rivers and Ribbons


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Martin Stimson Of Rivers and Ribbons

This is Martin’s third album in all but his debut for Epona.

Martin hails from Mossley and his songwriting reflects his surroundings. Songs of ordinary men living their lives in the area where Martin feels most at home. Martin also does cover versions of other songwriters, notably Alan Taylor, Si Khan and Donovan.

Track Listing

1.  The Blue Ribbon
2.  The Banks of Tame
3.  Aragon Mill
4.  Spencer the Rover
5.  Mossley Born
6.  The Holmfirth Anthem
7.  Still He Sings
8.  Distant Men
9.  Sand and Foam
10.  Johhny Back Home (from fighting)

11. Banjo Man

12. This Guitar Never Lies

13. The Cutty Wren

14. Old Wine (in new glasses)