Keith Hancock. Born Blue


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Keith Hancock Born Blue

This is Keith’s fourth album and on the Nico’s Records label. Here Keith has amassed an impressive array of session musicians including, amongst others, Martin Carthy, Lee Collinson, Christine Collister, Clive Gregson, Dave Mattacks, Rory McFarlane, Dave Swarbrick and Richard Thompson.

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1. Fruit Of The Loom/The Shuttle.

2. Gaddafi’s Gallop/The Old Bazaar in Cairo.

3. Jam Up The Nuts/Jump At The Sun

4. Harry Rag.

5. Workhorse.

6. Force On The Workforce.

7. The Coventry Caper/Second Wednesday.

8. Porton Down.

9. Half Measures Won’t Do It.

10. I Believe In Magic.

11. The Man Who Pulls The Trigger.

12. Lad’s Night.

13. Sunk Without A Trace.

14. Everybody Knows.