Golden Stream


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Golden Stream

A long awaited CD release of the album recorded in 1978 by Keith Twort on his AK record label. Keith provided a master taken from the original master tapes and two bonus tracks of previously unreleased material, recorded at The George and Dragon Folk Club by Mark Dowding in 1983, have been added.
Harry is joined by Lesley and Tim Boardman, Bob Diehl, Bob Morton, Steve Turner and Chis Cole.
We have tried to preserve the artwork of the original LP whilst taking the opportunity of adding some new images.

1. Handloom v Powerloom
2. Th’ Coaler
3. Go George I Can’t Endure You
4. I Man To Get Jolly Well Drunk
5. Folk Song 73
6. Flat Cap / Black Mary’s Hornpipe
7. Frolicsome Kate
8. Three Jolly Boys
9. The Cotton Lords Of Preston
10. Hard Times
11. Jack The Horsecourser’s Hornpipe
12. Darwin’ T’ Rents
13. Jumping’ Jack
14. Ashton Mashers
15. Golden Stream
16. Alterations

Bonus Tracks:

17. Cold Stringy Pie
18. Best O’T Bunch