Farewell He


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Farewell He

Coordinated by Joe Beard and Mike Billington, this album is a tribute to Trevor Crozier, a larger than life musician who was born in Southampton, lived and performed in Cornwall, Brittany, Poynton and died tragically in a motor accident in Malawi. Trevor was part of the Scrumpy and Western scene in Cornwall and was friends with The Yetties and The Wurzels.
Trevor worked with many of our traditional music heavyweights and ended up in Poynton for a while where he worked as a duo with Joe Beard (The Purple Gang).
This album is a tribite to the man’s memory and contributors number friends and admirers who have kindly donated tracks. Maddy Prior, Mike Harding, Lea Nicholson and Naomi Randall, John The Fish, Liz Dyer, The Druids, Vic Gammon (who was part of Trevor’s band Broken Consort), Paul James of Blowzabella, Shelley Rainey and Benny Graham (of The Pitmen Poets) are all here as well as the aforementioned Joe Beard and Gerry Robinson (both from the original Purple Gang). Epona MC Mike Billington also makes a few appearances.
25 tracks in all make this CD value for money.
Sleeve notes by Bill Leader and Trevor’s son Ciaran Crozier.

Track listing:

1. Pastime With Good Company (The Druids)
2. The Hare’s maggot (Vic Gammon and The Whole Hog Band)
3. Jug Band Moon (Joe Beard with Gerry Robinson)
4. Candy Man (Lea Nicholson & Naomi Randall)
5. Farewell He (Liz Dyer & Keith Kendrick)
6. Three Jolly Rogues of Lyn (Shelley Rainey & Joe Beard)
7. Dead Dog Scrumpy (Billington / Beard)
8. The White Rose (John The Fish)
9. The Carrick Hornpipe (Lea Nicholson & Naomi Randall)
10. Searching For Lambs (Maddy Prior)
11. Ratcliffe Highway (The Druids)
12. The Unfortunate Young Man (Joe Beard with Feminata Inebriata)
13. The Rest Of The Day’s Your Own (Lea Nicholson & Naomi Randall)
14. The Draper’s Maggot (Billington / Beard)
15. McTrevor The Magnificent (Billington / Beard)
16. Hedgehog Pie (Benny Graham and The Whole Hog Band)
17. Maggie May (John The Fish)
18. Jug Band Waltz (Gerry Robinson with Joe Beard & Mike Billington)
19. The Bellringing Song (Lea Nicholson & Naomi Randall)
20. The Oggie Man (Mike Harding)
21. Trouble Over Bridgwater (Billington / Beard with Gerry Robinson & Paul James)
22. Daphne (Mike Billington)
23. Lamorna (Billington / Beard with The Giles Farnaby’s Nightmare Band)
24. Breton Wedding / Son Ar Chistr (Billington / Beard)
25. Teeth (Trevor Crozier & Friends)