Celestial Light. A History of Amazing Blondel




Celestial Light. A History of Amazing Blondel

Amazing Blondel was introduced to Chris Blackwell’s Island Record label by Free bass player Andy Fraser. Blondel had played support to Free and had impressed Andy so much that here they were, on the threshold of joining one of the country’s leading labels.
John Gladwin and Terry Wincott had recorded an LP with Bell and now, with the addition of guitarist Eddie Baird, they were to record three LPs; Evensong, Fantasia Lindum and England. Their style was one of recreating the atmosphere of courtly love songs using such instruments as lutes, recorders, crumhorns and harmonium.
With the departure of John Gladwin, Terry and Eddie cried on as a duo in a much more modern songwriting vein. A further three LPs followed plus a live album.
This book is the first book to trace the history of the band and contains interviews with all three members of the band as well as Adrian Hopkins (responsible for orchestration), Paul Empson (guitarist), Erik Bergman (model on the cover of the first LP), Phill Brown (sound engineer), Jerry Boys (sound engineer), John Glover (manager), John Donaghy (roadie), Sue Glover (backing vocalist and ex Brotherhood of Man), Steve Rowland (producer of first LP on Bell), Paul Fischer (luthier) and others.

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