Ayres that Meades and Pastures Fill


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Ayres that Meades and Pastures Fill
2014 Album by Rebec.

1. Prophet’s Concern
2. Fructus Vitae
3. N’ere will my affections die
4. Captain’s Tally
5. Lady Lonsdale’s Lament
6. Must this depart?
7. Lament for a season
8. Youth have pride
9. Life’s Game
10. Fair Guest
11. If we could our virtues share
12. Kindness my foe

Robert Cross: vocals, backing vocals, guitar, descant recorder, oboe, cor anglais, baroque oboe, bass curtal, double bass, melodeon, kalimba and Northumbrian smallpipes.
Michael Billington: Occasional lead vocals, soprano, alto, tenor and bass recorders, tenor crumhorn, guitar, bowed psaltery and glockenspiel.
Nicola Smalley: violin.
Imogen Lyons: violin.
Paul Hickman: ‘cello.
Ruth Spargo: ‘cello.
Roger Child: viola da gamba.
Rebecca Millington: clarinet. (track 3)

All songs written and arranged by Robert Cross and published by Epona Music.
Recorded at Marewa Studio, New Zealand and Epona Studios, Manchester, between April 2010 and August 2013.
Sound enginees: Bob Cross and Mike Billington.
Produced by Bob Cross and Mike Billington.
Mixed by Bob Cross and Mike Billington.
Mastered by Bob Cross.
Sleeve design by Bob and Mike. (with a little help from Waterhouse)
Photography: Mike Billington.