The Edge


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This was the first recorded performance of the projec now known as Legends of The Edge and features the late Harry Boardman as the wizard. Narrated by Harry Ogden (producer and presenter of the folk programme on Manchester’s Piccadilly Radio) it also features composer Joe Beard on guitar with Gerry Robinson, Steve Bradley, Tony Moss, Les Renshaw, Dave Tarrant, Di Robinson and Pat and Jamie Knowles.

Joe Beard was one half of the songwriting partnership of the 1960’s jug band The Purple Gang who rose to prominence when Joe Boyd, one day after recording and producing Arnold Lane by Pink Floyd, recorded the single Granny Takes a Trip and also their one and only LP The Purple Gang Strikes. (Transatlantic Records)

1. Introduction

2. Skyline

3. The Wizard

4. The Sleeping Knights

5. The Spell is Broken

6. The Eagle Child

7. Ellen Beck

8. The Wizard’s Well

9. Knight of the Road

10. John Evans’ violin

11. Dance (from The Edge)

12. Walpurgisnacht

13. Ad Lunam / Anthem