Meet Mark Richard Sutcliffe


Mark acted and sang as a child at The Municipal Hall in Colne. He joined his first band aged seventeen when he also started to learn guitar and write songs.

A huge influence on Mark’s writing and playing came about when he saw Bob Dylan perform in Cologne in 1984. He also met Joan Baez. Mark was then to go to college to study creative arts which included art and music.

In 1990 Mark joined rhythm and blues band “The Thin Men” and later, in 1998, a Bob Dylan tribute band, “With Bob On Our Side” as front man; both bands and still up and running to this day. More recently he has played with  “The Mighty Sealions” and has performed solo up and down the country over the years in France, Belgium, Poland and the Czech Republic.

“Pig Boy Rides Again” is Mark’s first solo album and all songs are written by him.

Mark Richard Sutcliffe

Mark Richard Sutcliffe