Meet Joe Beard


Chris, or Joe, as he is more popularly called was part of the legendary Purple Gang who rose to fame with their hit single Granny Takes a Trip in 1969, a single championed by the pirate radio stations of the time and also John Peel.

Joe was a resident at the famous Poynton Folk Centre in the 1970s/80Joe Beards and his recent musical project is the revival of his Gothic masterpiece Legends of The Edge, an eighty minute multi-media performance of the songs with narration tracing the well known story of Alderley Edge linked into the Arthurian myths where, as legend has it, Arthur and his knights lie sleeping under the Edge at Alderley” waiting until they are needed when dire peril looms”.

Epona Records have released the two recorded versions of “The Edge”; the first includes Harry Boardman as the wizard with Harry Ogden providing narration and the second version is performed by King’s Ranson with narration by Mike Billington.

Joe’s recently published book, “Taking The Purple” can also be ordered from the Epona shop.