Meet Keith Hancock


This World We Live In was Keith Hancock’s first album. Released in 1986 it was a Keith Hancockmilestone in his career. The album came about as a chance meeting with his old school buddy Clive Gregson. Keith sang a few of his self-penned songs at a Gregson & Collister gig, and Clive immediately offered to produce. A few short months later Keith was in The Sutherland Brothers’ Sweet Sixteen Studio in Stoke on Trent in the North of England. Gavin Sutherland engineered and the session guys were a bunch of friends that Keith had grown to know and respect, playing the folk clubs in and around Manchester.
The songs are an eclectic grouping of different styles which probably has been the hallmark of Hancock’s career ever since. The album received pretty much total acclaim from the folk press and beyond. This is the first time Keith’s first album has been available on CD and Epona are proud to make this EPO007; Keith Hancock 007 has a certain ring we think! Licensed to thrill!
Keith went on to play with some of the folk world’s biggest names. He toured with Richard Thompson soon after the album was released. Just four years later The Keith Hancock Band toured the UK. Featuring Martin Carthy, Dave Swarbrick and Ruari McFarlane it firmly demonstrates how fast Hancock’s career was progressing.
For the next twenty years Hancock toured the world in one guise or another. He spent four years in a very successful pairing with Lee Collinson touring Australia and Canada extensively. He has played with some of the biggest names in music.
Keith retired from full time touring in the mid 90s to become a single parent. Now he is back doing occasional tours anywhere in the world. Keith Hancock lives in Saigon, Vietnam, where he makes a living as a highly successful writer, touring his music as and when he has the time. He owns and runs Saigon Districts, a Saigon based website and writes for many other sites all over the world.