Meet The Staff

Picture of John

John Constantine

John is head of the Epona technical department and has used various digital mastering and restoration software to improve the sound of releases such as “The Edge” and “Love is Losing Ground” by Tom Yates where the original masters have been lost and only old tapes survive.

John is also responsible for encoding master CDs before they go for duplication or replication.

Picture of Michael Billington

Michael Billington

Michael is MD and founder of Epona Records and also has been the sound engineer and producer for various releases on the label.

Picture of Dean Stuart Ali

Dean Stuart Ali

Dean is Epona’s head of graphics and is responsible for designing the booklets, trays and any other artwork required for CD releases.
Based in London, Dean specialises in Project Management, Graphic Design, Digital Audio/Visual Distribution (iTunes, Spotify, Netflix, Amazon e.t.c) and Replication of Physical Stock (CDs, DVDs, Vinyl).
Contact: 07912 617 050 or email
Trupti Lyndon

Trupti Lyndon

The latest addition to the Epona staff is Trupti Lyndon whose first job for us was the artwork for Martin Stimson’s “Of Rivers and Ribbons”.

Trupti is based in London and she specialises in graphic design, illustration and animation.

Contact: 07516334943 or e-mail


Caroline Churchill has been working freelance for Epona since our very first release, the first Corvus album gloves of the skin of a fish EPO001, which she mixed and produced.
Caro is a Manchester based artist, engineer and facilitator in sound
who has added sound effects and other creative tweaking as well as
mixed, mastered, encoded and carried out digital transfers on a
number of Epona releases.
She can be contacted via the Epona site or see her website at for a fuller appreciation of her not inconsiderable talents.

Caro C studio portrait by Katja Ruge

Caro C studio portrait by Katja Ruge