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Balloons On A String CD by Chris Joe Beard.

The old rocker is back! After 50+ years in the music game Joe Beard is back with his latest solo album “Balloons on a String”. He is, of course, best known for his time with The Purple Gang (remember Granny Takes A Trip banned by the BBC?) who were managed by the celebrated Joe Boyd (Pink Floyd, Fairport Convention, Incredible String Band, Nick Drake)
A residency at Poynton Folk Centre was followed with a resurgence of The Purple Gang in 2000 followed by collaborations that included teaming up with the eccentric Trevor Crozier in the duo “Crozier/Beard” and the band Radnor (with whom he revised the epic Legends of The Edge which toured the clubs) and the current duo, Billington/Beard.
Joe now describes himself as “prog.rock/alternative”.

Track listing:

1. The Opal Gates/The Wizard 2000 (6.34)
2. Silk Town Girls (3.50)
3. Sing Me The Word (Called LOVE)/Metrognome (4.32)
4. Suffragette (5.46)
5. My Hat Blew Off In Buxton (3.24)
6. The Piano man’s Gone (4.27)
7. Dada Shoes (3.07)
8. Song To Clare (4.17)
9. Balloons On A String (4.00)
10. Mandolin Queen (3.44)
11. Soho Blues/The Wizard 2020 Reprise (5.52)