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Epona is proud to release this fifth and final album to complete a quintet of Tom’s musical legacy. Tom’s three studio albums, Second City Spiritual, Love Comes Well Armed and Song Of The Shimmering Way are already available on Epona plus a posthumous album, Love is Losing Ground, an album Tom had just finished recording just before his untimely death. Tom’s widow, Sonja, gave these tapes to Epona to release the CD.
Sonja has also given us the remaining tapes of Tom’s songs, songs that he wrote in Antwerp after he connected with the Christian faith and most of the songs on A Walk In Other Shoes reflect his faith. many of these songs were on a cassette that Tom sold in the local clubs and bars of Antwerp but this new CD includes three songs from his unfinished “A Dream of John Ball” plus, as a bonus track, the first recording Tom ever made, the 1965 Pye Records single Rattle Of A Toy.
The album has been digitally restored and re-mastered by John Constantine.

1. Temar Taffy
2. A Walk In Other Shoes.
3. A Dream of John Ball Part 1
4. A Dream of John Ball Part 2
5. A Dream of John Ball Part 3
6. Alas Babylon
7. Geth-Shema
8. Herr Wolf
9. Jesus Heals The Blues
10. Someone Greater
11. Flames
12. Maranatha
13. Worksong

Bonus Track:

14. Rattle Of A Toy