Epona Records

Epona Records is a record label founded in 2009 seeking to promote acoustic music both from contemporary singer songwriters and traditional music in Britain, Europe and elsewhere in the world as well as projects of historical and cultural archive interest. The label’s name is taken from the celtic horse goddess Epona and coupled with the white horse of Uffington forms the label’s logo.

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Epona was the celtic protector of horses, donkeys and mules and also goddess of fertility whose worship was widespread in the Roman Empire between the first and third centuries AD. The chalk figure of the white horse of Uffington is some 3000 years old and similar to horses depicted on Celtic coinage.

Epona has now re-released on CD the three vinyl LPs released in 1967, 1973 and 1977 by Rochdale born singer songwriter, Tom Yates. Furthermore, an album of twelve unpublished songs by Tom Yates titled Love is Losing Ground was released in November 2012. These songs were recorded between 1983 and 1989 in Antwerp and have been digitally restored and mastered by John Constantine from tapes that were in poor condition. John has done a remarkable job and we hope that the quality, although not perfect by today’s high tech standards, is well worth a listen.
Tom’s second LP “Love Comes Well Armed” was released under license from HHO in March 2013 and is available from the shop.

Also released in Summer 2014 was Rebec’s first album Ayres That Meads and Pastures Fill. Mike Billington’s first solo album Sol Invictus was released in March 2013. Mike enlisted session musicians including Maartin Allcock, Bram Taylor, Fiona Simpson, Mickey Van Gelder, Rebecca Millington, Nicola Smalley, Ruth Spargo and Phil Davenport with backing vocals provided by Shelley Rainey and Karen Dyson of The Bailey Sisters.

Projects for the future include an album of Tom Yates’ songs with a Christian message, recorded in Antwerp during the 1980s; this has a provisional title of A walk in other shoes, also, albums by Mikey Van Gelder, Corvus, Radnor, Joe Beard’s “Legends of The Edge”, an album to raise money for the BBC’s Children in Need, and the archive field recording of the tenth anniversary revival Rushbearing ceremony by Gorton Morris Men in 1989. This was originally released in cassette format in 1990. An album of bagpipe music is also in the planning stage for 2015.

Mike Billington’s second solo album is now finished and available from the shop. Sonny Condell and Leo O’Kelly of the renowned Irish duo Tir na n’Og have been into the Epona studio whilst they were on their 2013 seven date tour of England to lay down backing vocals and guitar on Sonny’s song Our Love Will Not Decay which will feature on Mike’s CD. Here Mike sings and plays guitar with bass guitar provided by Phil Davenport. Maartin Allcock again features on the album.

Also available from the shop is our new range of T-Shirts. See the shop where the Epona Girls, Chloe, Lauren, Caren, Jade, Simmone and Clare, can be seen modelling our eye catching range. Sizes available are S,M,L,XL and 2XL in the colours modelled. 3XL is available only in white. Please allow two weeks for delivery.